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About Me

A dreamer, a little bit of a philosopher and a passionate learner. I find human nature fascinating, 
While studying in my late teens for a Bachelor in Marketing Administration, I realized that my real passion was to help people. So after achieving the first degree, I adventured to pursue a second period of four-year studies in Psychology. 
My work experience mainly has been in education, being part of the directive team in our preschool and as a Husband-Coached Childbirth Instructor (The Bradley Method).
When motherhood came along, the world as I've known it, changed completely. My three children have made me grow personally and helped me to re-encounter with my true self. 
As a Certified Conscious Parent Coach, I want to help parents and parents to be, to find a connection with themselves, and in this way create a connection with their children. I believe that in changing the parent-child paradigm, we can all change the world, one child, at a time.
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